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About the Band

Daena D - Vocals

Daena hails from Long Island, New York and tops off this tribute as the perfect Ann Wilson. She has been singing for Bad Animals since it's inception in 2001 and is one of the founding members.  Daena has fronted several hard rock projects and has performed in a variety of different cover bands that have a wide range of music. Her past projects include recording with Geoff Tate of Queensryche and with an all-girl metal band Thunderbox. Currently, she is working in the studio with a new original project called Sevenless whose members are Tom Cavanagh, John LaSpina and Chris Parrett who also happen to be the core of Bad Animals. Their expected first release is Feb of 2019.  In addition to this Heart tribute and Sevenless she also performs with John Blaze’s rockin Halloween production “I Am Scarecrow”. Daena's power vocals have claimed her as one of the hardest rockin singers around and is considered the “Royal Sonic Siren”



Diane Lutz - Vocals and Guitars

Diane has played in both original and cover bands in the NY metropolitan area’s notorious rock and acoustic venues- Bitter End, Prohibition, Canal Room, le Poisson Rouge and the likes. She spent time in New Zealand and in the United States recording, writing, and touring with her original music. Diane is also a member of the 80’s Tribute Band "Pour Some 80’s on Me" contributing vocals and acoustic guitar.  In 2006, Diane and singer/friend Julie Weyne established the “Sing For…” charitable concerts that to date have raised over $100,000 for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and for those who suffer with blindness worldwide.  Her beautiful voice, acoustic/electric guitar work, and a very similar resemblance to Nancy Wilson adds the perfect Nancy-ness to this most authentic tribute to Heart.


Tom Cavanagh - Guitars and Vocals

Tom is a well known musician and songwriter who is best known for his playing and writing for artists and bands such as Lita Ford, Jerry Jemott, Pop Smart Overdrive, Bent Pussycat, The Backseat Devils,  Walking the Line (The Johnny Cash Tribute Show), I Me Mine (George Harrison Tribute) and Almost Queen.  His session work and producing has led him to appear on well over two hundred releases and is currently in the studio working on a new original project called Sevenless with Bad Animals members Daena D, Chris Parrett and John LaSpina.  His critically acclaimed solo efforts (over 30 solo albums) have generated sales into the thousands and his songs have emerged in multiple movies, television shows, video games and commercials. Tom is a devoted user of Friedman Amps, Mad Professor Pedals, Intune guitar picks, Music Man Guitars, Mystar Cables, and Martin Guitars. Tom is the music director of Bad Animals and his creative and amazing talent propels this Heart tribute over the top.

Chris Parrett - Bass and Vocals

Chris is an active working bass player out of New York. Chris plays on a regular basis in several original and cover bands featuring some of the areas best musicians.  He has played at some of the top venues/events including his Bad Animals debut at the Paramount in Huntington. Chris has taken what he learned from these A list players and morphed it into a style all his own. He is currently working on full-length records with Sevenless featuring Daena D, Tom Cavanagh, and John Laspina of Bad Animals, and Carrie and the Cats.  Both records are expected to be released in early 2019. Chris lends his amazing talents to this authentic tribute to Heart. Bad Animals is excited to have him play such an essential role of the rockin groove of Heart's music.

Kevin Thomas - Keys, Guitars and Vocals

Kevin Thomas was born, raised and still lives in New York.  Influenced by his father who has been a drummer and singer since childhood and a big Doo Wop enthusiast. Kevin has been surrounded by music and harmonies his entire life.  He took up playing the piano at age 12 and hasn’t stopped since.  He has performed in numerous bands performing for over 25 years.  Some of the projects he has been a part of are 27West, Separate Ways (Journey tribute), The LPs, Decadia, We Rock (Dio tribute), and of course lends his amazing talents to Bad Animals - The Heart Tribute.  In addition, Kevin performs and fills in with an array of musicians playing guitar and singing as well as keyboards.  His multi-instrument abilities makes him a great asset for any band of any genre.

John LaSpina - Drums

John started playing drums at 8 years old and studied formally with several drum instructors including Al Miller and Howie Mann. He cites Liberty Devitto, Carmine Appice, Simon Phillips, Stewart Copeland and Nicko McBrain as early influences; many more influential drummers would follow in the genres of jazz, funk, country, prog rock and fusion.  John is also a member of renown 80s tribute band Rubix Kube. He has shared the stage with artists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Dennis De Young, Rick Springfield and Brett Michaels and has made various TV appearances including Fuse TV and The Today Show.  Currently, he is also working on new original project called Sevenless with Bad Animals members Daena D, Tom Cavanagh and Chris Parrett.  In addition to drums, he also plays guitar. John’s rock solid timekeeping and musical sensibility is the perfect sonic foundation for this tribute to Heart. 


Bad Animals Additional Members

Gina Donadio - Vocals and Guitars

Gina has played with many bands and is a great asset for Bad Animals creating that original Nancy Wilson sound.  She adds her amazing talents to this tribute to Heart filling in for Diane when she is out touring.

Mark "The Animal" Mendoza - Bass and Vocals


Mark is a rock bassist and a member of the band Twisted Sister.  He joined the band in 1978 after he left The Dictators. He briefly played in Blackfoot in the early 1990’s. Mendoza is also currently a member of Joe Rock and The All Stars, contributing bass and vocals to this band that features front man Joe Rock of WBAB radio on Long Island, New York. He is also a co-host on The Real Radio Show with Frankie Dee, and has been playing with Bad Animals since its inception. Mark plays with Bad Animals whenever he has free time while not touring.

Lance Millard - Keys and Vocals

Having recorded and toured with the likes of 80's rock diva "Fiona" and metal act "Angel", Lance is a busy guy. As Leader of the Elton John Tribute ROCKETMAN, Lance has logged more hours in the tribute scene than some Elvis impersonators. Originally an accomplished drummer, he took on the keyboards a few years ago and progressed at an unbelievable pace. Having studied piano and voice under the instruction of front man Dave DeFeis of metal band "Virgin Steel", Lance is also a lead singer in his own right, as can be heard on Journey staples, "Feelin' That Way", "Anytime" and "Just The Same Way".  He recently joined Bad Animals lending his amazing talents.